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Current Monitors

IPC's current monitors are used in almost any situation where pulsed or AC currents have to be accurately known. IPC's monitors are wide-band current transformers which convert the current signal into a proportional voltage signal which is then displayed on an oscilloscope or other voltage measuring device.

Because of this conversion they are also referred to as transducers, current transformers, CT’s, broadband current monitors, wide band current monitors, high frequency current monitors, current pulse monitors, current probes and current sensors. IPC's current monitors measure currents from milli-amps to mega-amps and from milli-Hertz to frequencies exceeding 100 mega-Hertz.

Pulse Generators

IPC's modular pulse generators provide high voltage output pulses with very short risetimes. Typical output voltages are in the range of 50 kV to 500kV and their repetition rate may vary from single shot operation to 200 pulses per second.

IPC's pulse generators are well suited as laser and electron beam drivers, as pulse sources for electrostatic precipitators, as experimental tools for PEF sterilization, and for any other application that requires a compact and reliable source of high voltage pulses.

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