Current Monitor With High Ampere-Second Rating

FREMONT, NH June 22, 2009: A wide band current transformer with a high ampere-second rating at a sensitivity of 0.1V/A and a risetime of 35 nanoseconds has been introduced by Ion Physics Corporation, IPC, of Fremont New Hampshire.

Current transformers, CTs, also known as current monitors or current probes, have difficulty measuring pulses of high electrical current and long duration due to core saturation. While saturation does not damage the device or inhibit its re-use after the current is removed, it does limit its operating range. Once core saturation occurs, the observed signal drops rapidly to very low values and its reading can no longer be used to measure current. CTs surround a current carrying conductor and typically use a toroidal core of ferrite or high quality Nickel/Iron material in its design. The ampere-second limitation is generally overcome by selecting a large and expensive core or by applying a DC bias current. The IPC current monitor Model CM-10-2LS solved this shortcoming by a judicious choice of core material and providing a very small air-gap in the magnetic path.

The IPC Mode CM-10-2LS current transformer is a low loss current transformer with an ampere-second value (without bias) of 0.5 As, meaning that a current of 500 amps can be viewed for 1 milli-second before saturation occurs. Its frequency response is from 20 Hz to 10 MHz and its O.D. is only 10 cm.

Current transformers using the same design concept, thus allowing smaller size and weight for higher ampere-second rating can also be utilized for other V/A ratings. The CM-10-2LS is priced at $500.00.

Ion Physics Corporation, IPC, is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative and cost effective current measuring devices as well as high voltage pulse generators. IPC’s current transformers are used worldwide for all applications where the shape and amplitude of a current signal has to be accurately known.

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