External Termination, Cables & Connectors

A 50Ω coaxial cable, terminated into a 50Ω coaxial feed-through termination at the scope, should connect the monitor to the scope. The sensitivity expressed in output volts per primary amp always assumes a 50Ω termination at the scope.

Some other suppliers suggest the use of different terminations depending on the frequency of the applied signal, which results in different output sensitivities.

To avoid any possible errors and confusion, all of our standard monitors use 50Ω as termination resistance on the scope. IPC’s monitors typically use female BNC connectors with the exception of the M & T models, which use a short section of cable and a male BNC connector. UHF, type N, or other connectors can be used at the customer’s request.

If it is important to a customer to have the feature that the monitor output changes by a factor of 2 between 50Ω termination and no termination, IPC will supply such a non standard monitor. When ordering such a monitor the term IR-50 should be added at the end.