High Current Capability

A new wide band current monitor with high current capability that can measure RMS currents up to 600A with a 0.01V/A sensitivity is being introduced by Ion Physics Corporation of Fremont, New Hampshire.

The IPC Current Transformer model CM-1-BS4 monitors AC and pulse currents without physically contacting the conductor, eliminating ground loops and interface noise. The monitor has a maximum droop of 0.125% per millisecond and a useable risetime of 85 nanoseconds. The maximum saturation value (I peak/f) is 1.5 Ampere-second. The 3dB bandwidth extends from 0.2 Hz to 4 MHz.

Electrostatically shielded, the IPC Current Monitor model CM-1-BS4 provides output voltage proportional to the current times monitor sensitivity, which can be read on a voltmeter or oscilloscope. This device is doughnut shaped with an outer diameter of 7″ (180mm), an inner diameter of 2.6″ (66mm) and a thickness of 1.8″ (46mm). IPC has been engaged in the design and construction of high quality wide band current monitors for over 20 years and offers for sale a line of 28 standard monitors. It also prides itself in providing a multitude of specialty models to satisfy unique requirements of its customers. For more information, contact us.