High Frequency Differential Pulse Current Director


A new high frequency differential current detector that features two output signals with 180° phase shift is being introduced by Ion Physics Corporation of Fremont, New Hampshire.

When small electrical signals have to be carried over an extended distance, the signal may be greatly distorted by electrical noise. IPC’s PPD-302 differential current detector reduces this problem by producing two output voltages with a 180° phase shift between them in response to a single current signal. By this step, the signal is carried on two adjacent cables with the voltage signals 180° out of phase while the noise signals will be in phase. By reversing the phase shift and integrating the two voltage signals at the receiver end, it is possible to enhance the signal amplitude and to cancel the effects of electrical noise. The PPD-302 differential detector has a sensitivity of 10 volts per ampere and an excellent high frequency response, which makes it well suited to measure small pulse or RF signals. The 10% to 90% risetime is better than 5 nanoseconds.

The differential detector is housed in a 6″ x 6″ x 4″ weather-tight enclosure fitted with coax connectors for the conductor with the current to be sensed, and BNC connectors for the signal outputs. Example applications include the detection of partial discharges in high voltage equipment and noise on DC lines. The price varies according to the application. A typical price is $1,000 per unit.

IPC has been engaged in the design and construction of high quality wide band current monitors for over 17 years and offers for sale a line of 28 standard monitors. It also prides itself in providing a multitude of specialty models to satisfy unique requirements of its customers. For more information, contact us.