High Voltage, Temperature & Environmental Considerations

IPC’s monitors are not strongly influenced by temperature. For example, a 10°C variation in temperature will change the sensitivity by less than 0.1%. The monitors can be used in vacuum, atmospheric, and compressed air, as well as in insulating liquids.

High Voltage Considerations

IPC’s current monitors are well-suited to measure currents on high voltage conductors. In most instances, it is easiest to use the insulation of the high voltage cable to provide the required electrical hold-off strength. For very high voltages, one can select a monitor with a large center hole and attach conducting toroidal rings on each side of the monitor to eliminate corona emanating from the monitor. For pulse application, immersing the monitor in an insulating fluid is often a desirable option. For best hold-off strength, the conductor diameter should be approximately one third of the hole diameter. For additional service, please call the factory.