New: Wide-Band Current Monitor With High Output

A wide band current monitor with a high sensitivity of 1V/A and excellent high and low frequency response is being introduced by Ion Physics Corporation of Fremont, New Hampshire.

The IPC Current Transformer model CM-100-6L measures AC and pulsed currents. By placing the monitor around the current carrying conductor it senses the magnetic field associated with the current and accurately measures the current. No physical contact to the current carrying conductor is required, eliminating ground loops and interference noise. The 3 dB bandwidth extends from 10 Hz to 30 MHz and the maximum allowable saturation value (Ipeak/frequency) is 0.15 As. The monitor has a maximum droop of 7%/ms and a usable risetime of 10ns.

Electrostatically shielded, the IPC Current Monitor model CM-100-6L provides output voltage equal to the current times monitor sensitivity, which can be read on a voltmeter or oscilloscope. This device is doughnut shaped with an inner diameter of 1.6″ (4cm), an outer diameter of 4″ (10cm) and a thickness of 4.25″ (10.8cm). The selling price is $725.

PC has been engaged in the design and construction of high quality wide band current monitors for over 17 years and offers for sale a line of 28 standard monitors. It also prides itself in providing a multitude of specialty models to satisfy unique requirements of its customers. For more information, contact us.